Your investment with MEP

At Middle Eastern Plastics we are constantly growing our circulation, investing in our website, investing in our brand's presence at the region's most prominent plastics processing events and, crucially, investing in our advertising partners. We feel strongly that we produce a news platform that offers our readers a richer experience that our advertisers can be proud of.

Multi-media news

MEP exists primarily as a digital publication, with a website that is becoming more popular by the month and a digital newsletter with 5,000 active subscribers and counting.

Furthermore, MEP is proud to appear in print annually in a special back-to-back edition with sister publication European Plastic Product Manufacture (EPPM). MEP's annual print edition is published with EPPM's November/December issue to coincide on alternating years with ArabPlast in Dubai and Plast Eurasia in Istanbul where we are Media Partner.

In addition to appearing in print, the EPPM/MEP November/December edition is published via the EPPM app, which is available to all MEP subscribers via Google Play and the App Store, giving MEP advertising partners a broad scope for having their message seen.

Media Guide

The below link to our joint EPPM/MEP media guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the advertising options available to you if you partner with MEP.




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