Chinaplas 2017 showing construction progress towards sustainability



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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editors,

My name is Alexander Krah, and I'm the CEO of Krah Pipes Germany.

You ran a story above (Chinaplas 2017 showing construction progress towards sustainability) about ‘Krah pipes’ produced by machinery from Ningbo Fangli Technology.

I’d like your readers to know that these are NOT Krah pipes.

Since 1968, we have produced and developed Krah technology, and have lines running in more than 28 countries. We have several patents, and are active worldwide. Krah pipes are only produced on original Krah production lines who are made in Germany.

We are the victim of Chinese copying, which is a huge problem for European companies. And, even though Ningbo Fangli has copied my family and brand name, the law is not able to protect us.

It is ethically unacceptable that our ideas – and the development efforts of many decades – are simply stolen.

So my appeal and request is to your ethical and moral understanding, to not support this Ningbo Fangli company, who has copied my surname and brand name, and please publish a correction that this pipes are not Krah Pipes.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Kind regards,

Alexander Krah, CEO
Krah Pipes GmbH&Co. KG

Alexander Krah more than 1 year ago

Editor's Response

Thank you for your comments. We published the piece earlier this year in good faith, using information supplied directly to us by Adsale Ltd, the organisers of Chinaplas. The original article stated that:

"Ningbo Fangli Technology’s Krah pipe extrusion line can produce large diameter Krah pipes, from OD300-OD4000 with different ring stiffness."

However, on receipt of your letter have since amended the article to reflect and highlight your concerns. Leanne Taylor, Group Editor.

LeanneT (Middle Eastern Plastics) more than 1 year ago

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