A. Schulman is demonstrating the power of collaboration with NATPET at ArabPlast 2017, with their NSSPC joint venture for PP production. more

4 Jan 2017 09:42 News

A Schulman has commenced the construction of a PP compounding plant in Yanbu, on the west coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with its joint venture partner NATPET. more

3 Dec 2015 10:36 News

Turkish materials developer Epsan has introduced its innovative Eplamid TN NC P02 to the market. more

22 Sep 2015 09:00 News

Eurotec's Tecomid NG is helping the company tackle the tricky issue of moisture-rich environments and their affect on metal replacement polymers. more

28 Jul 2015 10:57 News

A. Schulman, a leading international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds, powders and resins, has announced plans to establish a new masterbatch production plant in Turkey. more

6 May 2015 14:54 News

Plastindia is set to welcome 150,000 delegates into its new venue in Gandhinagar this week, but what can visitors and exhibitors expect from the 'mega conference'? more

2 Feb 2015 11:15 News

Starlinger's compounding technology is giving recyclers more options, helping more processors achieve optimum results. more

23 Oct 2014 11:23 News

Epsan has developed a fast cycle: low process temperature polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 compounds with glass fibre, which has excellent surface quality. more

9 Sep 2014 11:32 News


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