We look back on the stories that got MEP readers clicking like crazy in the hottest month of the year, with the Turkish coup, women in business and ENGEL's little brother WINTEC catching your eye. more

1 Aug 2016 09:48 News

A prolonged period of lower oil prices has confirmed that the current state of the commodity on the markets has taken its toll on investment and energy-efficiency in the Middle East. more

19 Jul 2016 11:39 News

Two new steam-cracking processes developed by ExxonMobil and Saudi Aramco, allow petrochemical producers to essentially skip the refining process in converting crude oil directly to light olefins. more

13 Jul 2016 10:00 News

Tunisian decision-makers could be working on a joint investment initiative worth $2 billion with Qatar, which would benefit manufacturing and food production. more

14 Jun 2016 11:27 News

Brent Crude futures have plunged on news Iran's trade sanctions are to be lifted, potentially flooding an already struggling oil market as the world's forth-largest oil reserve re-enters the fray. more

18 Jan 2016 10:03 News

We recap the top five most-read headlines on the MEP website from December and it seems the CHINAPLAS momentum hasn't slowed as the year has come to an end. more

28 Dec 2015 10:00 News

Generation 3D

We've compiled a list of the top-five most-read headlines for November on the Middle Eastern Plastics website. Revisit our most-read plastics stories from the last 30 days. more

30 Nov 2015 10:34 News

Despite crude oil hitting a nadir in January, the UAE's prospects for GDP growth in 2015 remain positive thanks to diversification and looking to the non-oil sectors including manufacturing to ensure economic success. MEP's Rose Brooke investigates. more

13 Nov 2015 10:40 News

Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai

Jumeirah International LLC

Top brass from industry research and analysis leader IHS will deliver key presentations on the state of the international chemicals industry in light of the political atmosphere and commodities markets at the annual GPCA Forum. more

11 Nov 2015 15:27 News

Analysis from IHS states that Iran's petrochemical industry harbours enormous wealth potential - whether or not political sanctions are lifted. more

25 Aug 2015 10:35 News

To make sure the biggest stories get the attention they deserve, we bring you Editor's Choice - a collection of the top five headlines from the previous month. more

3 Aug 2015 09:50 News

Six months after it was founded, Castolin West Africa is paving the way for growth and ready to strengthen ties with Nigeria's oil and construction leaders. more

27 Jul 2015 11:42 News

Abu Dhabi's non-oil sector - which includes manufacturing and construction - has slowed and the UAE economy's economic outlook has been downgraded by the IMF. more

21 Jul 2015 15:48 News

With crude proving too unreliable an income generator, Oman's wealth fund is making investments elsewhere, including in a plastics supply company for the automotive industry. more

14 Jul 2015 12:31 News

The UAE's Economy Minister believes oil prices will recover by mid-2015. The black stuff is current at half its worth compared to June 2014 and is creating fear within the plastics industry. more

6 Feb 2015 14:26 News

The 6th SAOGE oil and gas exhibition in Saudi Arabia will be given an auspicious opening by HRH Prince Saud Bin Naif Bin Abdulaziz. more

23 Sep 2014 12:12 News


Via Wikimedia Commons

A report on the growing economies of the MENA region has suggested North Africa could eventually overtake the burgeoning economies of the GCC. more

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