Plast Eurasia

The Austrian IMM builder Engel will be in Istanbul for PlastEurasia. more

23 Nov 2017 11:09 News

As August comes to an end, the plastics world is gearing up for a Q4 of big industry shows, so it is no wonder that Plast Eurasia's news that it is 90 per cent sold was our most-clicked news item of the month. more

29 Aug 2017 11:58 News

Turkey's leading plastics industry event Plast Eurasia is already 90 per cent sold out. more

21 Aug 2017 10:35 News


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June is a quiet month for Middle Eastern Plastics as much of the Middle Eastern plastics scene observes the holy month of Ramadan, which may be why one or two interesting pieces from earlier in the year appeared in our most-read list. more

30 Jun 2017 14:19 News

The six month countdown to Plast Eurasia, one of the biggest plastics shows in Europe and the Middle East, has begun. more

20 Jun 2017 11:33 News

Turkey's plastics industry is on an upward curve, with the organisers of Plast Eurasia revealing that the country produced $33.8 billion in plastics in 2016. more

27 Apr 2017 15:49 News

Plast Eurasia has upheld its reputation as a major meeting point for the European and Asian plastics industries with strong visitor and exhibitor numbers. more

4 Jan 2017 12:00 News

Moretto is bringing its auxiliary equipment leadership to Plast Eurasia. more

6 Dec 2016 17:08 News 1 Comments

The day before Plast Eurasia hits Istanbul, PAGEV, the Turkish Plastics Industry Foundation, is bringing thought leaders in plastics in transportation together. more

28 Nov 2016 11:36 News

September brought with it exciting news from the world's second-largest plastics and rubber industry event. I am, of course, talking about CHINAPLAS. more

4 Oct 2016 16:49 News

Plast Eurasia organisers have dropped a colourful new teaser video promoting the biggest plastics show in Turkey. more

30 Sep 2016 11:21 News

The Turkish plastics industry is now a key contributor to the country's economy and the growing industry will be out in force at the annual Plast Eurasia in December 2016. more

6 Sep 2016 11:09 News

CHINAPLAS interest is already picking up speed ahead of the big event in Shanghai this April, with headlines about the world's second-biggest plastics and rubber show dominating our January most-read list. more

29 Jan 2016 11:29 News

The challenges the Turkish plastics sector is facing in its business dealings with the rest of Europe were addressed at an industry summit hosted at Plast Eurasia last month. more

27 Jan 2016 13:39 News


© Jose Mario Pires, via Wikimedia Commons

Appointing itself 'the' key decision centre for Turkey's plastics market, Plast Eurasia 2015 broke records - and the Istanbul-based event shows absolutely no signs of slowing its momentum in 2016. more

4 Jan 2016 10:49 News

BOY’s 25 E injection moulding machine combines a number of innovations that deliver low operating costs without compromising moulding performance and the machine is at PLAST EURASIA on the Polmak Plastik Kimya stand. more

4 Dec 2015 16:03 News

COLINES will be bringing its leading extrusion technology to Plast Eurasia in Istanbul this week (December 3rd to December 6th 2015). more

2 Dec 2015 16:47 News


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NATPET will introduce Plast Eurasia 2015 visitors to the multiple processing and performance benefits of its newly-enhanced PP impact copolymer grade Teldene B20ML for injection moulding applications. more

1 Dec 2015 14:16 News

Packaging, investment and business strategy were all hot picks for MEP readers in October. Here’s our Editor's Choice of top stories to hit the website over the past 31 days. more

30 Oct 2015 14:52 News

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag

Copyright Sumitomo (SHI) Demag

Barlo Plastik, the Turkish arm of the German-Japanese machine manufacturer Sumitomo (SHI) Demag, will demonstrate its El-Exis SP hybrid high-speed machine with IML at Plast Eurasia. more

27 Oct 2015 10:10 News


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